Since I can remember I always wanted to have a camera. All friends from the yard, cousins had it.
I always watched with delight the slides, which my cousin did in the mountains. Later, my mother bought for me and my brother a small Russian camera, which perpetuated every moment. So far in the family archives there are hundreds of black and white images bringing back carefree childhood ...
After long years of sleep, photography returned and became my passion, a way of life. Since 2007 I have lived and worked in Orkney. Here I discovered the beauty of the surrounding world. Photography has allowed me to escape from the traffic jams in urban areas, the noise of traffic. The possibility of associating with the true nature brings strength to cope with the challenges of everyday life.
I capture images that are literally just moments passing in time and I truly love the subjects that I photograph.
If the camera has taught me only one thing about nature, it is that it holds so very much more than is first apparent to the naked eye.
I have spent a lot of time in the past doing personal interpretations of lots of iconic locations and nowadays, I am into taking "paths less traveled" and honing my own personal vision.
I always come back to the same place, because you never know what conditions you will find. Looking for the perfect light in landscape photography is the key to a successful image. Being in the right place at the right time – I repeat it to my self every time I leave the house with camera in my hand ...
I hope that you enjoy the experience of my photographs as much as I have enjoyed the experience of creating them.

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